Message from President

Message from President
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Three years have passed since Tokyo Venture Gear made a restart under new shareholders in July 2006. During the time the stock market as well as real estate market in our country made a dramatic change. The so-called once-in-a-century financial crisis started by subprime lending accelerated by Lehman Brothers bankruptcy subsequently spread out throughout the world in late 2008. This credit crunch caused serious turmoil at every single stock and money market, and a number of policies and actions were adapted by the government and corporations worldwide to turn things around.

Although the crisis in 2008 was a tough trial for political and economical world globally, we believe the real estate market in our nation has been slowly making improvement as financial institutions that learned lessons from previous credit crisis after the bubble economy burst in the 1990s are positively clearing the balance sheet. At the same time initial public offering preparation by venture companies in the country is also slowly moving forward.

Tokyo Venture Gear keeps providing practical solutions to support out clients’ consecutive growth by capturing environmental changes in a timely manner and by utilizing our affluent human resources.

Naoshi Hata
President and Representative Director
Tokyo Venture Gear Co. Ltd.
July 2009